Professional end to end business intelligence solution using Microsoft Power BI

This is my personal project. Spirit Sport, is a fictional global manufacturing company. As a Business Intelligence Analyst, my task is to design and deliver professional and end to end business intelligence solution using Microsoft Power BI. The raw data is provided in CSV files. (Data Source: Maven Analytics).
I have followed a steady and systematic process through the Power BI workflow and divided this project into four steps.

Step 1: Connecting and transforming the raw data

I received the raw data in an unformatted structure. Therefore, after importing all CSV files into Power BI, I had to transform them into a suitable format and extract meaningful insights using the power query editor.

Step 2: Build a relational data model

In this project, the model consists of six lookup tables: Customer, Calendar, Territories, Product, Product Category, and Product Sub Category.

And two fact tables: Sales and Returns. I have used the snowflake schema and all relationships are one-to-many.

Step 3: Adding calculated fields using DAX

I have added multiple calculated columns to filter the data. Instead of creating new numeric values, I created new fields and used them to create those filters. Wrote DAX measures for aggregation formulas and computed numerical values to use in the visualization.

Step 4: Designing interactive Power BI reports

In this step, I have designed three different reports as follows,

Executive Summary

Product Details
Customer Details