A Few Words About Me

I’m Sarita, a Business Intelligence Analyst currently living in Denmark. Though my roots belong to Pune, India. I’m passionate about all things data and have developed skills in Power BI, SQL, and data visualization that have allowed me to turn complex data into actionable insights.

As a Power BI user, I love the flexibility and interactivity that it provides, allowing me to create custom dashboards and reports that can be easily shared with end users. My SQL skills also come in handy when working with large datasets, enabling me to efficiently extract and manipulate data to uncover key trends and patterns.

One thing that sets me apart as a business intelligence analyst is my ability to turn data into compelling visual stories. With a deep understanding of data visualization best practices, I am able to create visually stunning reports that make it easy for end users to quickly understand and act on key insights.

My enthusiasm for data, coupled with my proficiency in Power BI, SQL, and data visualization, inspires me to share my knowledge and experiences with the data community through my blog posts and stories.

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